InnoFaith – Fingernail curvature reconstruction

A fun little test setup that uses three (cheap) webcams and a (static) line projector, to measure the outline and curvatures of a human fingernail. Resulting in an Bézier curves based 3D model, that approximates the subjects fingernail.

Final test setup with three webcams and a static line projector.
Original ghetto setup using three webcams and a line projector.

A small volume is calibrated for all three cameras (using a simple calibration cube). Making it relatively easy to measure and reconstruct the outlines and curvature of a fingernail in a distinct color.

The line projector is used to add a high contrast reference on the smooth fingernail surface.

Proof of concept prototype.
Proof-of-concept software implementation (Qt5, OpenCV, and OpenGL).

The end goal is to get an low data approximation of the fingernail shape, to produce custom (as in perfect fitting) artificial nails.

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