Do-It-Yourself: Hot plate for phone screen repairs

I needed a quick (DIY) solution to create a hot plate (a.k.a. Screen Repair Separator Machine Heating Plate) for repairing the screen of my wifes mobile phone. It is a cheap phone so I needed a cheap solution to create hot plate alternative.

After staring at the kitchen oven (too hot, even on the lowest setting), I got this brief mental lapse… What about a take-out (Dutch Chinees food) container filled to the top with hot water.

Standard take-out container for Chinese food in the Netherlands.

It is easy to control the temperature, by mixing 100 degrees kettle water with tap water (assumed to be ambient temperature):
1 part 100 degrees + 1 parts 20 degrees: (100+20) / 2 = 60 degrees
2 parts 100 degrees + 1 part 20 degrees: (100+100+20) / 3 = 73 degrees

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