Moved from a Linux server to a NAS…

One of my disk in my RAID6 array of my Linux server dropped from the disk array, so it was time to decide the future of my old and trusty server. I have been running a Linux server as my home storage for +15 years. But the family life is limiting my tinker time… So I decided to try an off-the-shelf storage solution (Synolog DiskStation DS918+), to see if this can serve my server needs, without the additional hassle of building and maintaining a Linux server.

Update: Currently I’m running the NAS with 2x8TB WD80EMAZ (WD Red) drives and 1x8TB WD80EMAZ ( shucked WD Elements) drive, with 2x250GB WD Black NVMe SSD’s as (read/write) cache.

Synology DS918+

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