Duck Hunt VR (for the HTC Vive)

My first little Unity 3D Virtual Reality project, inspired by my old friend the Nintendo Entertainment System. Please keep in mind the I have never used Unity 3D before, so this is my first sandbox application…

Download link to DuckHuntVR Alpha 04:

This Alpha 04 release incorporated a lot of used feedback from the Vive subreddit:

In particular the feedback gathered during this live coding session:

DuckHuntVR game scene
DuckHuntVR Alpha 04 game scene.
Duck Red
Duck Red shot (with visible “blocks”).
Duck Green
Duck Green flying (with head-shot collider).
Duck Blue
Duck Blue flying.
Triple duck dog
Triple duck dog (only with default green ducks for now).
Zapper EU version.
Zapper EU version.
Zapper US version.
Zapper US version.

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